Respected consulting and engineering partners for industrial clients, private investors, and public institutions

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The Dorsch Gruppe is consulting, planning and managing: airports, transport and infrastructure, architecture, water and environment

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Dorsch KSA got over 30 years of experience in the region

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Dorsch KSA

Reputable consulting and engineering partner in Saudi Arabia

Dorsch KSA as a branch office of the German Dorsch Holding GmbH is a multi-disciplinary and innovative consultancy firm with over 30 years experience in the region.

Our clients turn to us for a wide range of advice, skills and resources in developing, planning, engineering, supervising and managing projects. Our Office is in the capital city of Riyadh.

Dorsch KSA earned a distinguished reputation for the technical expertise in infrastructure planning, construction supervision, project and construction management, asset and facility management as well as environmental engineering. The first project in KSA dates back to 1976 for the Jeddah Rush Housing Programme.

Dorsch International Consultants and AHT GROUP conduct Joint Feasibility Study for Water Security in Tanzania

Both urban centres are situated on the Zambia corridor with Tunduma being a classic fast-growing border town merging with its Zambian counterpart. Their specific location provides them with a particular importance for the regional economic development.

Infrastructure and municipal services in both towns, however, have lacked investment and are therefore not keeping up with the increasing demand – which is already showing negative consequences.

The Feasibility Study will identify infrastructure that aims to improve the water security for the two towns’ rapidly increasing population. An “integrated and holistic approach” (see graphic) will be applied that addresses several sectors such as water, wastewater, solid waste and town planning to ensure long-term water security. Within the framework of the Programme, individual infrastructure projects for each town shall be elaborated.

The Project is funded through German Financial Cooperation with Tanzania as part of the Climate Adapted Infrastructure and Integrated Water Resources Management Program.

The consultant team consist of multidisciplinary experts from the Joint Venture between AHT GROUP GmbH, Dorsch International Consultants GmbH and the Tanzanian Sub-Consultants Netwas and BORDA. The International Cooperation Cluster of Dorsch Gruppe is particularly proud to kick-start another joint project of two sister companies, adding to the already fruitful collaboration across entities.

Project details: